Video Viral

By Dan Coles

This hilarious little girl was getting angry at her mum for making her repeat her favourite tv character’s name “Fat Controller” because her

version of the name was VERY inappropriate.

Retail supervisor and mum-of-two, Kayleigh Bumstead, 29, from Walsall, West Mids, was filming her daughter Lydia earlier this month when the adorable two-year-old came out with the explicit phrase.

Lydia often confuses the infamous fat controller’s character name from Thomas the Tank Engine with her toy roller, so when asking for

her roller she always says, “The fat controller” and it always comes out the wrong way.

Lydia shouts “FU***** TROLLER” three times, getting visibly more and more frustrated when having to repeat it each time, leaving her mum in


Kayleigh said: “Because she had been reading the Thomas the Tank books, she knows the fat controller character.

“I have a new-born and he’s doing tummy time on a roller at the moment, for some reason Lydia associates the word roller with the fat

controller so when I asked her to say it that’s how it came out.

“For her age friends, family and even a health visitor have said her vocabulary is really advanced which makes it even funnier because the one thing she can’t say is so rude!

“I could barely compose myself, I just found it so funny, my sister said I should share it online so I did.

“I can’t wait for her to get older so I can show her, I don’t encourage bad language with her but this was just so funny to hear.

“She was getting frustrated repeating it because obviously she doesn’t understand why its so funny, but I did.

The video was posted on her Facebook and inundated with comments and likes saying how funny the video is whilst Lydia is enjoying her bit

of fame.

Kayleigh said: “She’s at playschool at the moment and she’s such a diva, so sassy.

“She’s strong minded and when she wants something she doesn’t stop until she gets it.

“Just the other day she came home and I asked her if she wanted a drink, she turned round to me and said “I just need chocolate”.

“She’s very set in her ways, and I look forwarded to embarrassing her with this video when she’s older.”