Video Viral

By Neo Bye

Dramatic footage captured a boatload of tourists being rescued after their white-water rafting boat was tipped over.

Vikas Shokeen was enjoying a tour through Rishikesh, India, in April 2019 when the inflatable dinghy he was on hit a powerful wave.

Throwing the raft into the air, the 24-year-old and his fellow passengers were thrown into the Ganges river.

Fortunately, their life vests kept them afloat as the dinghy in front of them turned around and threw out ropes to pull them back to safety.

Vikas said: “We were a mixture of thrilled and scared.

“All went well as people survived with just minor cuts.

“The raft ahead of us stopped and came back and used ropes for our rescue.

“The life jackets really lived up to their name.”