Life Video

By Chris Jaffray

An obese McDonald’s addict hairdresser whose weight left her so scared to leave the house she moved her salon into her own home has shed almost five stone – and looks phenomenal.

Mum-of-two Clairine Potter was left housebound due to her 15st 7lbs, size 20 frame after guzzling on cheeseburgers and wrap meals for every lunch and fatty takeaways for dinner.


The 35-year-old’s anxiety about her size was so great she even moved her professional hairdressing business from a salon to her house in Northenden, Manchester, and meant she avoided spending time with sons Franky, eight, and Louie, seven.

But after deciding to change her life, the mum swapped burgers for salads and began weight lifting and running – and now is a fitness life coach who inspires her clients with her slinky 10 stone, size 10 to 12 physique.

Clairine said: “I moved my salon to my house, I did not like going out, I felt anxiety and it was all a bit overwhelming.

“The anxiety came on even when I was in the car.


“I wouldn’t even go to family weddings or socialise with my friends – I completely isolated myself.

“At my peak I was 15 and a half stone and a size 20, I felt really ashamed.”

Clairine’s transformation began in January 2016 when she started the new year vowing to change her life and joined a ’30 Days To Healthy Living’ course and ‘Couch to 5k’ running programme.

Since the age of 18 the single mum had struggled with her fluctuating weight and would yo-yo diet frequently, shedding a few pounds only to put more on.

But she claims this time was different as the online communities she joined accepted her – helping her ditch her seven days a week McDonalds habit and penchant for picking up a takeaway from a different outlet for tea every night.


On top of that Clairine would drink a bottle of white wine most nights to wash down the food but reduced her booze intake by going tee total for five months and drinking protein shakes instead.

And by June the same year – within just six months – Clairine had dropped a third of her weight to just 10 stone, before vowing never to weigh herself again.

Now the mum is a full-time personal trainer and loves climbing mountains as a hobby – while she has also rediscovered her culinary skills, making home-cooked food like healthy chicken pies and stir fries for tea.

Clairine said: “The online programmes changed my life.

“For me, it was about loving myself again and reconnecting with my body.

“I believe I am a really good looking girl, but before I lost the weight I was hating myself and thinking I wasn’t good enough.”


Having undertaken a diploma in life coaching and with another in fitness training soon to be completed, Clairine now helps other people who were in her predicament.

And her fitness transformation didn’t stop with running, as she has since climbed up Machu Picchu and even walked the Inca Trail.

When the mum was at her worst she used to stay by herself in a room and spend little time with her kids, but she now takes them on active adventures like cycling together.

Clairine said: “I want to help others do what I have done.

“It is about self-love and self-appreciation.

“Now I do not assess myself with a number for happiness.

“I have gone from not being able to go out of my living room to walking up a mountain

“I am a 35 year old with two children running a business, keeping fit and healthy.”



BREAKFAST: Cheese on toast

LUNCH: McDonald’s cheeseburger and wrap meal

DINNER: A different takeaway every night

SNACKS: Two to three Boost bars at a time

DRINKS: One bottle of white wine a night


BREAKFAST: Protein with oats or cereals enriched with minerals and fibre

LUNCH: Salad

DINNER: Home-cooked chicken pie or chicken cashew stir fry


DRINKS: Protein shakes