Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

This man has broken the world record for building the largest pyramid made from pennies, taking over three years and costing him more than of $10,300.

In his garage in Phoenix, Arizona, Cory Nielsen began building what would become the prized penny pyramid back in June of 2016.

It would take Cory, 55, almost exactly three years to complete the structure and an exact sum of $10,303.15 in pennies.

The creative time-lapse satisfyingly shows the process that Cory took to put all the pennies in place, layer by layer.

Cory outlined the eye-catching pattern by placing the darker pennies next to the shinier pennies, in doing so creating a fabulous diamond shape.

This free-stacking structure measures 65 stacks in each dimension according to Cory.

Cory said: “I always wanted to get a world record and be in the Guinness World Record book. 

“I used 1,030,315 pennies and I built the pyramid over a three-year-span taking days off here and there, the total actual build time during the 3 years was 1.8 years.

“I was committed to the goal of finishing and as I progressed through the build, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter so to speak.

“I couldn’t believe once I was finished and still found myself wanting to add more pennies. 

“Obviously I felt a sense of accomplishment but now find myself with a lot of time on my hands – now that I’m not building. 

“I find myself wanting to build another one but not with pennies.

I would like to use US Quarters and would like to build it for all to see – in a Casino perhaps where it will stand for years.”