Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

A loveable turtle cannot get enough of his owner’s back scratches and rubs as he wiggles to his heart’s content.

This adorable clip shows how turtles love to get their shell scratched after, 19-year-old student, Jia Ann Wong discovered that turtles have nerve endings on their shell.

In his enclosure in Malaysia, Jia Ann can be seen rubbing the back of Koby, the red eared slider, as he shakes his booty in pure jubilation.

Jia Ann was initially trying to remove some of the scutes that had begun to peel off the back of Koby, before noticing that he was enjoying the scratches.

Jia Ann found out that turtles do not have the pain receptors to suffer so this clip features pure satisfaction of a good back rub.

Jia Ann said: “I was actually trying to remove some of his scutes that were falling off and then he started wiggling his back and I realised that he actually likes it.

“I had a friend with me on that day while we were recording and when we accidentally found out that my turtle likes it, we burst out in laughter and cry laughed for 10 minutes.

“I googled and apparently it’s because they have nerve endings on his shell. 

“They feel it when we touch or rub their shell but they can’t feel pain because they do not have the receptors to do so.

“Many think turtles are sturdy animals but they do need a lot of love and attention as well!”