By Mollie Mansfield

A woman was left in hysterics after an online shopping blunder left her massive pooch trying to sleep in a tiny bed the size of her HEAD.

Shae Bolog, 30, was ordering her eight-month-old Weimaraner pooch, Soda, a new $15 [£8.26] extra large bed online when she made a quick change to the colour.

But unbeknownst to her, the size had automatically changed back to the default extra small.


When the bed arrived just days later, Shae, a funeral director, was left confused and thought the company had sent her a sample size.

However, after figuring out her mistake, Shae couldn’t help but put Soda in the bed – which was the size of her head – and even kept the tiny bed as a hilarious memory.

Shae, from Melbourne, Australia, said: “When buying the bed we expected it to be the size of a large dog bed – I was ordering the green XL bed but then liked the blue, so changed the colour.

“This also led to the size reverting back to a tiny XS – which is roughly the size of Soda’s head!

“When it arrived my jaw dropped and I thought it was a sample at first.


“But then I realised what had happened and totally cracked up with laughter.

“I got Soda to sit in it straight away, snapped some pictures and showed people.

“My husband felt a bit sheepish but he laughed and shared it with his colleagues.

“Family and friends had a good laugh at his and Sodas expense – most people thought it was absolutely adorable.

“As soon as he saw the size my husband, Adrian, 34, made sure to correct the size and order Soda the new bed.

“Even though it was tiny, we kept the bed as it was too cute to get rid of!”