Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

A cat owner captured the hilarious reactions his famished feline has when he hears the sound of a food packet opening.

Pet store owner, Aleksander Blazic opened his camera whenever he was about to feed his Maine Coon, Tiara. 

The result was the hungry cat sprinting around the house in Raufoss, Norway, towards the sound of food expecting a feast.

On several occasions, a quiet and empty room was soon filled with Tiara rampaging in and jumping up to the level of Aleksander.

Even when she is outside, Tiara’s mood can flip like a switch and begin sprinting towards Aleksander when the food packet is crinkled.

Aleksander said: “She’s been crazy about these treats ever since I started giving it to her.

“I have never trained her to do this, it was all very natural.

“In that respect she does have a very dog-like character.”