Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

A pilot pranked his girlfriend with an emergency crash landing before proposing to her mid-air.

David Singha and his then girlfriend, Liz were embarking on a flight around their local airport in Raleigh, North Carolina, but David had a lot more planned.

While they were cruising around in the sky on April 3, David and his friend planted the seeds of doubt that something was wrong with the aircraft.

David asked co-pilot, Liz to read through the handbook in case of emergency which includes locating the nearest landing site – a field.

Liz was initially freaked out by the prospect but David urged her to proceed with the passenger brief: seatbelts check, loose items stowed and a check that the pilot in command will love the co-pilot forever.

David responds with a ‘check’ and Liz stumbled, gaining an inkling as to what may be going on.

The final item on the list, ‘Will you marry pilot in command’ was met with a hesitation as Liz comes to the full realisation that was the proposal.

David asked again with the ring in hand and Liz replies with resounding yes, the pair began to well up and express their love for each other.

David said: “This was Liz’s first time in a small plane, so I was planning on taking her up just for an introductory flight to see if she would enjoy flying with me more often.

“I asked her best friend, and one of my good friends to come along so Liz wouldn’t be as suspicious.

“With their help, we faked an emergency that required Liz to read a checklist for me, and on the checklist was the proposal!

“I was extremely nervous that I would give it away that the emergency wasn’t real.

“Once the engagement process started, I was overwhelmed with emotions of excitement and love for Liz.

“It went according to plan, Liz believed it was a real emergency, Liz said yes, and we all got an amazing memory to cherish forever!”