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puppy rescued

Two kind-hearted Samaritans gave a little puppy a new lease of life – rescuing her from an underground water tank.

Heartwarming footage from Shimla, India, captures the moment the puppy is rescued and eventually reunited with her mother.

It is believed that the carefree stray puppy had fallen into the water tank after getting separated from her mum.

Unable to pull herself out, she cried out for help.

Jagdish Thakur and Manohar Lal were having lunch when they heard the cries of the distressed puppy.

“We were having lunch in the office and suddenly we heard the sound of a puppy crying,” said Jagdish.

Running down to investigate what was happening, they noticed other strays in the area barking and running towards the water tank.

“Manohar and I then ran toward the area where the cries were coming from.

I didn’t even realise I had been recording a video until we reached the puppy and I looked down at my phone,” he recalled.

Manohar can be seen reaching down into the water tank and pulling the distressed puppy to safety.

After being pulled out, the visibly anxious puppy can be seen shaking off the water and frantically searching for her mum.

Moments later, the cute pup was reunited with her mum – giving what could have been a tragic tale, a happy ending.