Life Video

By David Aspinall

A devoted daughter reacted hilariously to watching her mum’s engagement to her boyfriend by ripping off her jacket and bursting into happy tears.

Adorable Elodie Carette sat at home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, completely unawares as mum Marie-Eve Lapratte and her boyfriend George Leclair showed her a video on March 21.


While the eight-year-old stares intently at the screen, a semblance of understanding washes over her face as George starts to explain how he has loved her mum for four years.

As soon as he drops to one knee, an elated Elodie leaps to her feet, rips off her jacket and bursts into floods of happy tears as she hugs both George and Marie-Eve before saying ‘I’m happy’.

Marie-Eve said: “We knew Elodie would be happy but could not have dreamed of such a sincerely beautiful reaction.

“In a way, it was if my daughter was saying yes to the proposal as well.

“She kept asking if it was a real ring and wedding, she couldn’t believe it at first.

“She adores George and they get on really well.

“He is the one who helps her with homework even though it’s in French.

“She loves the blended family that we are.”


Three days prior to the video, George proposed to Marie-Eve at a bookstore as the happy couple both love to read.

The pair – who have five children ranging from five to 19-years-old in their family – have been together for four years after having worked together for eight years previously.

Having passed her a book to read, George then tells Marie-Eve that March 18 is the exact day he told her that he loved her for the first time before getting down on one knee.

Marie-Eve said: “The book the clerk handed me had another book inside that George had written about our story together.

“I was completely surprised and overcome.

“He had recorded himself playing the guitar and singing our song and it was playing in the background in the store.

“As Elodie hadn’t been present at the proposal we decided to surprise her after school under the guise of showing her videos of a show we had been to the night before.

“George wasn’t supposed to be home that night but was so happy to be able to see her reaction.”