Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

A brave rescuer saved a baby swan from a deadly fishing hook despite being attacked by its angry mother.

In Duisburg, Germany, animal rescuer Stefan Brockling was called to assist a cygnet whose neck had been bound for over a week.

Lunging into the water as quick as a flash, the volunteer manages to grab the tiny bird, but had to fend off its enraged mother with his foot, who attempts to strike out at him while hissing ferociously.

Momentarily escaping unscathed, Stefan runs away with the baby to remove the hook from its throat before dodging another maternal assault as he returns to the water.

Stefan said: “Swans are notoriously aggressive, particularly when interacting with their babies.

“Luckily, I’ve dealt with them plenty of times before, so I wasn’t too worried about being attacked.”

After finding a safer location, Stefan calmed the screaming grey baby swan prior to placing a sock over its head.

Having unhooked the infant, he then had to avoid the furious adult who charged at him from the water.

Stefan said: “Though the hook wasn’t yet in its neck, this swan was growing quickly.

“The longer the fish hook was there, the more life threatening it would’ve become.

“Eventually the baby would not have been able to breath, so thankfully I just got there in time.”