By Jess Grieveson-Smith

A motorcyclist who was told he would never walk again has kept a unique memento of his death-defying experience – a knife made from his own leg bone.

Moreno Skvarcha, 28, was left picking up the pieces – literally – after a motorbike accident on September 22 2013 left his leg completely broken with parts of it scattered on the concrete road.

The motorcyclist’s injuries were so severe that he was told he would never walk again – with his entire leg in pieces, even down to his toes.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Bone from Moreno Skvarchas leg used to make a knife.) 

Moreno needed seven surgeries, with a metal rod replacing his femur in a bid to ensure he was able to stand again.

After spending 10 months in hospital, Moreno decided that he wanted to ‘take something away from the near-fatal encounter.’

Moreno approached his friend Lenart Perko, 28, known as Emberborn – who is a bladesmith – and the pair began designing a unique knife made from his leg bone.

Moreno said: “I wanted to take the bone home because I knew something amazing could be done with it if I survived.

“While I was in hospital recovering, I began thinking of ways to use the bone so I’d be able to have a keep sake

“I decided that to make a knife would be the best option as the bone was the perfect size for the handle.”

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Moreno with the leg bone hilt knife.)

And after three years of planning, and one month of actually creating the knife, the masterpiece was complete and is part of Moreno’s personal collection at his home in Slovenia.

Moreno added: “I keep it next to the bed by me – I just thought it was a good idea and would make a lot of my friends laugh whenever they ask about it.

“My leg injuries were very serious after the motorbike crash but this makes my whole ordeal seem a bit more uplifting.”

Lenart said: “The actual knife was made up of damascus steel and is handled by two larger bone fragments.

“It’s amazing to think that Moreno recovered completely and now will have a little souvenir of his own.

“I’ve known Moreno for years and it’s fair to say, I’d consider him a little bit nutty.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Moreno Skvarcha and Lenart Perko with the knife) 

“He’s an intriguing character and he’s always looking to do something a little bit out of the box.

“He’d put up a post on Facebook, trying to see who could do it for him – and I knew that I could.

“He explained to me –  it’s not usual or legal to keep bone, but this had actually fallen out at the scene of the crash – it was literally scattered on the floor.

“He wanted to get something good out of this – doctors  had told him that he could never walk again.

“And yet he managed to walk away with a knife of his own, which was made from a piece of his leg bone -so it was his femur.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: Moreno Skvarcha after the accident.) 

“We chose to etch some text on it which says ‘življenje ni potica’ in Slovenian which in English means, ‘life is not a piece of cake.’

“The accident taught Moreno that and now I wish Moreno all the best.

“One thing I can definitely say is may I never have to handle his bones again.”