By Michael Scott

There’s nothing more fun than splashing about in the mud!

This adorable elephant calf was captured playing in the mud while its herd was digging to find some water during a drought.

Maureen Gibson, 73, a pensioner from Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa, photographed the baby elephant after a visit to Kruger National Park.

Pic by Maureen Gibson/Caters News

Maureen said the herd of elephants went to the park looking for water and the baby didn’t miss the chance to enjoy the muddy pool.

She said: “The herd of elephants came down the dry Mphongolo riverbed near Shingwedzi in the northern area of the Park, searching for sub-surface water at a time when the Park was going through a severe drought.

Pic by Maureen Gibson/Caters News

“To find the water it was necessary for the adult elephants to dig in the sand until the water level was accessible.

“It was obviously the first time that this elephant calf has a chance to play in a muddy pool and he could not get enough of it – each time his mother encouraged him out with her long trunk, he ran straight back into the mud to frolic and play.

Pic by Maureen Gibson/Caters News

“Photographing elephant calves is such a pleasure as they are so cute and unpredictable – their antics can always guarantee to bring a smile to my face.”