By David Aspinall

A student took part in an experiment to endure simulated labour pain – and lasted less than 20 seconds.

Brave Jonny Wade offered himself as a sacrificial lamb to test whether he could withstand the birthing experience while at university in Tennessee, USA.

As one of his fellow classmate holds him, mature student is clearly in discomfort while his partner keeps telling him to breathe and pats his chest.

Mere seconds after saying ‘no matter what I say, go to 10’, Jonny starts screaming and begs for the simulator to be turned off as his fellow students fall about laughing.

Jonny said: “The pain was very severe and I didn’t last long at all.

“I’ve hurt myself in lots of ways in the past through participating in extreme sports and I have never really been through anything to compare this with.

“I don’t think the simulator itself is as severe as labour because it’s a superficial pain, more like your abdominal muscles are being torn apart.

“Whereas I would guess real labour pain would be a deeper more visceral pain.”

Jonny was quick to accept the challenge as his wife has always joked that he could never know the pain she went through with their children’s births.

Jonny said: “Everyone in class thought it was very funny.

“The best part was that we made a ‘safe’ word – pineapple – to signal time to stop the simulation.

“Towards the end, I was trying to shout out the word but I just couldn’t get it out.”