By Charlotte Nisbet

A couple have both quit their £40k high flying jobs to travel around the world with backpacks.

Jennifer Raath, 25, and her husband, Rudolph , 27, have now visited 14 different countries together –  but since tying the knot and putting their home up for rent, they’ve kick started a new adventure.

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Rudolph, who was as a project manager and Jennifer, who was a marketing partner manager, decided that their annual 20 day holiday allowance just wasn’t enough to fulfil their travelling dreams.

The pair, from South Africa, decided to quit their jobs and lead a simple life with just one backpack each in December – and they haven’t looked back since.

After selling their cars, ending phone contracts and gym memberships, the couple managed to save £11,000 six months before they set off.

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And they’ve since set up a travel blog, The Married Wanderers, to give tips and inspiration to other hopeful travellers.

Jennifer said: “The hardest part was quitting our jobs, we were earning around £35-40k per year together but we had to put our careers on hold if we wanted to see more of the world.

“We had to swap our lifestyle for living out of one backpack each but we couldn’t be happier now we’ve done it.

“Saying goodbye to our cars, gym memberships and house wasn’t easy but the rent from our home has helped fund our trip.

“So far we have visited 14 different countries as a couple, nine on this trip so far since packing up last December and we can’t wait to create more adventures in the next few months.

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“We will be traveling to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and India in the next four months.

“We budgeted for an eight month trip but we will continue to travel for as long as we can..

“We’ve loved every single country we’ve seen and we try and spent no more than three to five days in the same place.

“Travelling across the countries from north to south and east to west, we ensure we don’t miss out any part.”

The couple who have been travelling since December last year claim it’s the small things from back home that they miss most.

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Jennifer added: “Having a bath is one of the main things we miss while travelling on a budget.

“Back home we had a lot more luxuries but we know one day we’ll have those back.

“We crammed our whole lives into two backpacks but luckily all the countries we decided to visit are hot or humid so we didn’t need to pack bulky coats or jumpers items.”

The couple have even managed to shed a few pounds in the last few months thanks to their active lifestyles.

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Jennifer said: “We are constantly walking now so I’ve dropped around a stone in weight, it’s great.

“We both feel so much healthier both mentally and physically.

“Back home we have lots of friends but during our travels we’ve met some great couples who are also seeing the world together.

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“Our families have been really supportive of us quitting our jobs and jetting off.

“We try to Skype them once a week and our blog allows them to track where we are all the time.

“They never not know where we are in the world and besides, it’s safer that way too.”

Rudolph and Jennifer have almost halved their food and expenses while living from a backpack.

Jennifer added: “We mostly eat street food now which most of the time, is fresh and from local sources.

“We get to try so many different foods on a daily basis that I’m sure when we’re back home, we will find everything much more bland.

“At the moment we feel like we’re living the dream.

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“We didn’t go on holidays for longer than three weeks after or before studying at university and we hope that our story shows others that you’re never too old or too settled to jet off and explore.

“We write down all of our expenses into a spreadsheet to ensure we don’t go over budget with trips while away but so far we’ve managed just fine.”

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