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By Aliki Kraterou

These two adorable kittens have been rescued after their mother abandoned them – because of their peculiar FEET.

The kittens with the unusual paws, suffer from a rare suspected genetic condition, called Syndactylism, which caused their toes to be fused.

Pic from Cats Protection/Caters News

The two young ones named Bert and Ernie, were found in an abandoned car in Wakefield, Yorkshire  and were transferred to Cats Protection’s Gildersome Homing Centre.

Bert and Ernie , who are believed to be no more than a few weeks old, were found alone, making the charity to  believe their mother possibly abandoned them.

Their condition, although is extremely rare it doesn’t cause them any discomfort and there is no need for treatment according to Jennifer MacVicar, Cats Protection’s Central Veterinary Officer.

She said: “The condition is unlikely to cause problems but Bert and Ernie will need to be monitored as they grow for any sign of lameness.

Pic from Cats Protection/Caters News

“Syndactylism is potentially inherited and could be passed on to their offspring so, like all the cats in our care, Bert and Ernie will be neutered when they reach four months.”

Rob Wilkinson, Cats Protection’s Gildersome Centre Manager, added:

“We weren’t sure Bert and Ernie were going to make it but they’re growing into two lively boys.

“All the staff have taken it in turns to hand rear and they’re now being looked after in a volunteer’s home-they both seem perfectly happy and mobile.”