Animals Video

By Neo Bye

This excitable pup goes toe-to-toe with an odd toy, a piece of a carrot, then continues to freak out.

Fashion salesperson, Alisa Vakauskayte decided that one day when her beagle, Cali, was going through her daily routine of freaking out over a carrot, she would record it.

The weird and wonderful pooch, Cali shows what a carrot can cause her to do in her home in London.

Jumping on and off the veggie as well as scratching the carpet, Cali portrays peculiar behaviour when met with the carrot.

In addition, Cali rolls around uncontrollably before barking at the new dog toy.

Alisa said: “She eats everything, like a Hoover but some veggies are just weird for her.

“Sometimes she does funny things like playing with food.

“Everybody is in love with her, sending comments and admiring her!”