Offbeat Video

 By Joe McFarlane

 A gravity-defying skim boarder travelled over the surface of a pool without a wave and made it out the other side dry.

 In Mullheim, Germany, where the skim boarding championships were taking place, 24-year-old Adrien Razafindrakoto grabbed his board and attempted to cross one of the natural pools for fun.

Taking a long run up, with board in hand, Adrien ran towards the walkway that extended into the pool and threw his board onto the water.

With momentum and speed behind him, Adrien jumps and appears to stand still as he seamlessly makes it to the other side of the water.

Adrien climbed out of the pool with ease, only getting his legs wet.

Adrien said: “I tried to cross the swimming pool with my skimboard for fun and realised I was so close, so i decided to really go for it.

“I was surprised that i made it, the run-up was slippery and it was very hard to comfortably get on the board without sinking.

“I actually tried to ride it out better but it started thundering so the session was over.

“I felt super stoked to land it.”