Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A domestic CCTV camera captured the moment a neighbour’s car burst into flames leaving tyres melting on the driveway.

Sean Steppe was away from his home in Brookside, Missouri on June 13 when the neighbour’s car battery failed to charge leading to the onset of the fire.

Sean was alerted through the Nest app to what was occurring, upon reviewing the footage the near derelict car tried running again by recharging a dead battery.

However, when the neighbour hooked up the charger, the Ford Ranchero was left unattended which led the battery to overheat and begin to smoulder.

A minute or so passes with no one coming to address the vehicle, only the flames grew larger, engulfing the bonnet and cab area.

The tyres can be seen melting before the fire brigade arrive and extinguish the raging fire, leaving a smoking mess. 

Sean said: “My first reaction was shock, usually when I get a notification on my Nest cam it’s a cat sauntering through my yard or myself mowing the lawn.

“I quickly began to feel bad for the man who clearly looked like he was in over his head and was simply trying to help get a car working again.

“There was the fear that the fire will not be put out and additional structures may be damaged or worse people may get injured. 

“Luckily the fire department was there and had the fire under control with incredible efficiency.

“I haven’t had a chance to talk to them yet but I do feel for him.”