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By Joe McFarlane

An ecstatic woman broke out into tears of happiness after meeting a dog adopted from Romania for the first time.

When Jodie Holness and her partner Saxon Warman moved into their new home in Folkestone, Kent, the dog lovers knew they wanted the sound of puppy in their home.

Pic By Caters News

After finding the Barking Mad Dog Rescue, they found two pictures of Hendrix and just had to adopt him

Three weeks of waiting culminated on April 21 in a tearful first meeting where 29-year-old Jodie couldn’t control her crying as she hugged four-month-old Hendrix for the first time.

Saxon said: “It was amazing to get Hendrix home.

“He’s settled right in and is definitely part of the family.

Pic By Caters News

“We wanted to get a puppy as we’d just moved into our own home and both coming from families who always had dogs it didn’t feel like home without own.

“We searched online and found the company Barking Mad Dog Rescue and they basically find stray dogs and bring them into their kennels to try and rehome them.

“Jodie found the pictures of Hendrix – he had been found with his litter dumped in a wasteland left for dead – and we fell in love with him.”

Barking Mad Dog Rescue is a UK charity based in Romania who bring in stray dogs to their kennels with the intention of rehoming them.

For more information, visit their website –