By Mikey Jones

This clever elephant has finessed a special way to grab a bite from above when food from the ground is scarce – by reaching up to eat straight from the tree.

Stood on its hind legs and with its trunk amongst the trees above, the elephant makes every effort to snag something to eat whilst the timing of the snap allows the sun to enrich the surroundings, perfecting the shot.


The elephants in this area have had to learn new ways to feast during the dry season as its’s incredibly hot and food on the ground gets difficult to find.

The brainy elephant was caught on camera at Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe at sunrise by project manager, David Whelan, 43, from Melbourne, Australia.

David said: “This is the dry season and the daytime temperatures are around 40 degrees, water and food is limited and a few of the elephants have learnt to stand to reach fruit from the higher branches.

PIC BY David Whelan / CATERS NEWS 

“As he does a bit of a dance when standing, this elephant has been nicknamed Fred Astaire.

“It was a privilege to be able to witness this sight and is made even more special at Mana Pools as this experience is on foot and not in a