Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A creative pair of friends have been pushing the ping-pong boundaries with amazing and unique trick-shots.

When Taheer Alibhai, 21, came across 20-year-old Alikhan Kazia’s ping-pong trick-shots one day, he realised he had stumbled across something very special.

Aiming to make Alikhan Africa’s biggest ‘trick shotter’, the pair have been working together ever since in order to create some truly head-spinning trick-shots in their home of Nairobi, Kenya.

From precision timing to wacky set-ups, no shot is impossible for the university students. 

Taheer said: “We use suspended cups, rolling tapes or gaps to create a difficult layout for the ball path. 

“We have performed blind shots that have gone through rolling tapes and we have hit 38mm balls out of the air into cups.

“Whether we are striking balls out of mid-air or placing them perfectly in a target cup we always strive to impress. 

“Our videos showcase our timing skills, our precision and creativity by creating makeshift slopes and bridges to allow the ball to find a target cup.

“Our videos are a mixture of excitement and creativity. With each shot we try and find new ways to impress our audiences with never before seen content.”

But all these incredible trick-shots aren’t always easy to pull off, proving that practise makes ping-pong perfection.

Taheer said: “Depending on the severity of the trick, the time taken can range from five minutes to eight hours.”

But in the end, is all the time taken worth it?

Taheer said: “It’s the most relieving moment when we nail a shot. 

“When we see that it’s happened, we go ecstatic.”