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By Kristiana Hall

Think your day’s going badly? This unfortunate impala thought he’d caught a lucky break after he managed to escape the jaws of a hungry crocodile – but managed to run straight into a pack of hungry wild dogs.

The poor beast ended up as lunch for the pack of dogs after skillfully avoiding one pack of predators by jumping into a river – where he was attacked by an angry crocodile.

PIC FROM African Bush Camps/Caters News

Limping, he manages to make it across the other side – but then his fate is sealed when he stumbles across ANOTHER animal who fancies him for dinner.

Dutch Kasale, who works as a safari guide for African Bush Camps, in Botswana, captured this heart-breaking footage that shows the harsh reality of wildlife.

He said: “I was searching for footprints of the dogs the next morning and luckily found them.

PIC FROM African Bush Camps/Caters News

“I started tracking them, when suddenly, an impala sprinted ahead of them, with wild dogs chasing.

“The impala sprung into the safety of a nearby dam, not for long, unfortunately. We saw some bubbles and a crocodile surfaced. The poor dog has a hard decision to make, neither looking too promising. The poor impala shakes in the water – the adrenaline clearly overwhelming him at this point.

“The croc tried a few times to bite the impala but it was quite a large bull, he waited it out in the water but started shivering as the water got too cold and swam away, with the croc still trying to trying his luck and on his tail.

PIC FROM African Bush Camps/Caters News

“The impala reaches the shallower water where the dogs have the advantage and the poor impala meets his fate. This display really proves why these dogs are the most successful hunters on earth. Although this time they might have just gotten lucky.