Nature Video

By Jack Mobley

In a petrifying clip, a raging tornado rampages through the town of South Bend, Indiana, churning up trees and various debris.

Sunshine Allen, 23, was able to capture the moment that the tornado ripped through her neighbourhood on June 23.

Pic By Sunshine Allen/ Caters News

The vicious whirlwind headed towards Sunshine with increasingly more debris being drawn towards, then flung from the towering tornado.

At one point, a sudden lighting strike from what looked like a transformer flashes through the dense cloud.

Despite Sunshine being 100 feet away, the storm passes through this particular apartment complex with minimal damage being caused to people and property.

Pic By Sunshine Allen/ Caters News

Sunshine said: “I was surprisingly calm when it came through and mostly worried about my car!

“Once it all passed, I couldn’t stop shaking from all the adrenaline.

“I didn’t realise how scary it was until it was all said and done, Luckily the only damage to my car was a dent and some scratches from debris hitting it.

“I definitely don’t recommend standing by a window to film such bad weather, but I was so in the moment that I couldn’t miss recording a once in a lifetime moment.

It practically went right over top of me.”