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By Joe McFarlane

A pet tortoise became the star of his very own Middle-Earth movie as his owner built a detailed mini-Hobbiton in his back-garden.

Oliver Turpin, 33, spends a lot of his time at sea, working as a Deputy Cruise Ship Director, but when back at his home in East Yorkshire, Oliver keeps himself busy in a way that legendary novelist J.R.R. Tolkien would be very proud of.

Pic by Oliver Turpin/Caters News

Turning his back-garden into more of a movie studio backlot, Oliver built his pet Tortoise, Louie, his very own mini-Hobbiton to explore.

Complete with tiny post-boxes, picket fences and the famous round-doors, 11-year-old Louie has been thrust into his very own Lord of The Rings movie, in which he is the star.

Oliver said: “I visited the Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand a couple of years ago and with The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit being some of my favourite films, the idea to make a miniature version for my shelled friend sprouted.

Pic by Oliver Turpin/Caters News

“It took me around three weeks to build and I think it cost me around £40-50 for all the supplies and bits and pieces I used to make it.

“It was great to see Louie roaming around and exploring his Hobbiton. 

“There’s no question that he loves it. He stomps around the place munching on things and basking in the sunlight. Also, Lord of the Rings is one of his favourite films, so he was delighted.”