Video Viral

By Chris Jaffray

This is the bizarre moment the shadow of a ‘pool playing ghost’ appeared to walk towards a snooker ball in a haunted farmhouse.

Spook hunter Kyle Thompson travelled to the abandoned building in Garforth, West Yorks, and was shocked to discover pool tables littering the building, which had been left untouched since the 1990s.

PIC FROM Soul Reaper Paranormal/Mercury Press

Earlier this month Kyle, 31, from Barnsley, was filmed placing a red snooker ball atop a fireplace before summoning any spirits to move the ball.

He claims to have then captured a video of his shadow appearing to suddenly detach and move across the wall despite the fact he was standing still.

Kyle, who runs ghost group Soul Reaper Paranormal, claims he only spotted the movement of his shadow when he reviewed his footage after the event and is convinced he has captured bona fide paranormal activity.

He said: “When we got inside, there were pool tables all over the place.

“We put a pool ball on the top of the mantlepiece, I was hoping it would be rolled off by a presence.

PIC FROM Soul Reaper Paranormal/Mercury Press

“But instead something happened with my shadow, we know it is my shadow as earlier in the clip you can see my arm moving.

“What I captured was one of the most amazing yet bizarre things we have ever caught on camera.

“If you watch closely you can clearly see my shadow is on the wall, and as I ask the spirits to try and move the red cue ball off the fireplace, my own shadow seems to have been manipulated before it moves directly towards the ball.”

PIC FROM Soul Reaper Paranormal/Mercury Press

Later in the evening, in the same room, Kyle claims he captured a ‘cue break’ noise on the video footage.

He added: “Later you could hear an audible sound, like somebody breaking a game of pool.

“I heard it with my own ears.

“To us it did indeed sound like someone was playing pool.”