By Mikey Jones

This photographer managed to capture a once in a life time shot – after trekking over three hours for it.

Catching a two hour train ride from Guizhou, followed by an hour taxi, a 20 minute cable car ride and then an hour’s walk, Jordan Hammond, a 26 year old photographer timed his trip perfectly to capture a singular minute when the mountain in Fanjingshan in the province of Guizhouin, was visible from the mist that surrounds it.

PIC BY Jordan Hammond / CATERS NEWS

Jordan said, “These photos were taken in May 2019.

“This was my birthday trip and I’d wanted to visit this spot since moving to China in 2015 as it wasn’t well known just yet.

“The images are of one of the five holy mountains in China surrounded by cloud.

PIC BY Jordan Hammond / CATERS NEWS

“The landscape is incredible and it’s one of the less travelled provinces in China.

“The clouds cleared for literally a minute so I only have one or two more photos that haven’t been edited yet.”