Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

A talented body painter really took the idea of a self-portrait to the max after using her own stomach as a canvas for a Bob Ross tutorial. 

Jen Seidel, 50, from Maryland, accurately replicated a colourful mountain piece from the celebrated artist Bob Ross by painting on her abdomen.

Jen followed Bob’s tutorial on YouTube and impeccably painted her belly with trees and snowy peaks before a stunning sunset.

Jen said: “I always loved Bob Ross and watched him as a kid and as an adult, so doing this type of painting on myself is pretty unique and new to me. 

“Body painting myself challenging but not really harder than painting on someone else, it just takes more patience and I have to move a little slower. 

“I am pretty happy with the results, but as an artist I always feel I can do better. 

“I definitely will be doing more of these types of paintings in the future.”