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By Chris Jaffray

A zany dad who set a lawnmower world record for travelling the length of Britain has broken another – by mowing the furthest distance in 24 hours.

Dad-of-three Andy Maxfield previously achieved a world record by driving a lawn tractor 874 miles from John O’Groats to Land’s end in just over five days in July 2017.


But not content with one world record, the prison officer, from Preston, Lancs, set a new one this Saturday at his beloved Ewood Park, the home of Blackburn Rovers, yesterday [SUN].

Starting at 9am on Saturday Andy spend 24 hours lapping the pitch on a walk-behind John Deere R40 pedestrian lawnmower in an attempt to beat the current world record for the furthest distance mowed in 24 hours, of 57.6 miles – scooping the previous champion with a total distance mowed of 57.67 miles and completing 273 laps of the pitch.

And the 50-year-old said did it in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society after his dad James battled the condition for 13 years before passing away on New Year’s Day last year.

Andy: “It’s a huge relief, for me it’s not just about the record it’s about raising awareness of Alzheimer’s, the fact I’ve broken the record will make that easier.

“The training has all been worth it, it was about the message as well.


“To break the record I needed to be doing each lap at five minutes maximum all the way through.

“When I got to 18 or 20 hours it got harder, but I was quietly confident.”

The prison officer picked lawnmowing as his charity weapon of choice because he regularly mows the public lawns around his village.

He hopes his latest challenge will rake in £9,200 for the charity to represent the 92 football league clubs in England and Wales.

He chose Ewood Park as the location for his stunt because his dad was also a huge Blackburn Rovers fan.


Andy, who has asked football clubs across the country for their support, said: “My dad had Alzheimer’s for 13 years and I looked after him for all that period, as he lived close by.

“For the last five of six years he didn’t realise who I was.

“He didn’t realise I had broken the last record, I think he would have been proud but would probably have thought I was a bit daft.”

“My mum died in 1991 and dad was by himself near us, so he got into watching the football with me.


“Football fans are generous as well as competitive.

“It would be fantastic to see a wide and diverse range of teams – even from across the world – visiting my JustGiving page.

“It’s about putting the fun back into fundraising by doing something different.”

Andy’s efforts can be supported by visiting: