Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This dog owner came home to find a doggy bed completely ripped to shreds leaving a huge mess and one guilty Golden Retriever.

Kailee Petrie was dog sitting her brother’s dogs, Honey and Maggie, and her own Golden Retriever, Ellie, in Whitesboro, New York, when she returned to a fluff covered apartment.

The elementary school teacher opened the door to an unusually quiet home where she was greeted by all three dogs looking very suspicious.

As Kailee entered the living room it’s very apparent what has happened, a very flat bed can be seen and the floor is covered in cushion filling.

Each pup is playfully interrogated by Kailee asking whether they committed the act or not, with Honey giving discreet looks to Ellie, the culprit.

Ellie is prime suspect and Kailee does not hesitate in blaming her, revealing that she has done this before.

Kailee said: “My dog Ellie is obsessed with fluff and we often can’t keep beds or anything with fuzz intact, so I knew it was her.

“I usually put the beds away, if I am not around, but had forgotten.

“When I opened up the door and saw the mess and knew that was why they were all so quiet.

“People love her and her video though.”