Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A diver swam alongside hundreds of hammerhead sharks as they casually coasted against a strong ocean current.

A Hollywood producer was shocked to witness an underwater scene that looked as though it was out of a big-budget movie when he recently went diving at Elephant Rock near the Galapagos Islands.

While diving, Todd Kortte, 48, witnessed the bizarre spectacle of hundreds of Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks motionless underwater.

The reason for their lack of movement was due to the school being stuck in an incredibly strong underwater current. 

Todd said: “I was seriously blown away.  There was this roaring sound from the sharks swimming and they were just a few feet away.  The sight was a powerful display of nature.  

“The current was extremely fast. I had to hold onto the volcanic rocks so I wasn’t swept away into a school of hammerhead sharks.”

But the experienced diver explained why the Sharks, who are known to always be on the move, were happy to float in one place.

Todd said: “Hammerhead sharks feed at night in deep water.  During the day they find certain areas to basically kill time.  

“The strong current gives them something to coast on without covering long distances before the hunt at night. 

“The current helps push water through the gills, bringing oxygen to the sharks. It is a sort of staging area until the hunt at night in the deeper water.

“They were there for a few hours.”