Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A group of passionate theme park junkies visited an almost mythical backyard rollercoaster.

Chad Miller, 24 may work as a chemist, but his true passion lies in rollercoasters of all shapes and sizes.

Along with his pals, Paul Polelle, 25, Alec Reynolds, 21 and Lucas Feilds, the group make up the Ohio Valley Coasters Team.

Travelling from state to state, the group experience the extreme highs and lows of theme park attractions.

But on June 2nd, Chad and the gang didn’t head to a world-famous, multi-million-dollar theme park to get their kicks, but instead visited the backyard of Mr. John Ivers.

Nestled away in Indiana, John has built his very own personal theme park, consisting of the nerve rattling “The Blue Flash”, complete with a big drop and loop-de-loop, and the speedy “Blue Too”.

John built the coasters over 18 years ago, but with Ohio Valley Coasters recent visit, The Blue Flash has sky-rocketed to viral fame, and though rickety and rusty in parts, the gang screamed more with joy than fear.

Chad said: “We felt very safe while riding John’s coasters. 

“He maintains them well and always accepts donations!”