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By James Somper

A comic book lover has put his entire collection for sale – and estimates it could be worth at least £300,000.

Martin Morris, 63, has collected comics books since the age of 5 after his father started bringing them home for him on Sunday mornings.

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Martin, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, said that he was so obsessed with the books that he’d go straight to a comic shop from a night out and reckons he’s spent at least £35,000 on his hobby.

Martin, who says he’s “a bit OCD” has amassed a staggering 36,000 comic books which are stored in 150 boxes in his spare bedroom and weigh five tonnes.

The retired graphic designer said: “Usually the first thing people say when they see the collection is ‘oh my god’.

“I had an emotional attachment to them but now it’s a just business in terms of getting rid of them.

“I was obsessed with them. If I was missing an issue I’d always go into the nearest comic book shop to buy them.

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“When I was at art college I’d always go out in London, go out and have a good time and end up going out in the morning and finding a comic shop.

Martin said that he became obsessed with comic books as a child and that he had 4,000 of them by the age of 18.

His massive collection includes comic books from the mid 1950s up until the present day which are worth thousands of pounds each.

Highlights include the complete collection of Superman as well as the first Spiderman comic ever sold.

Martin said: “My partner Paula has always been quite impressed with the collection. Usually the first three words people say are ‘oh my god’.

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“When people they’re usually gobsmacked even though they’re forewarned.

He added : “When I was 5 my father used to go round to the newsagent and pay the bill for the paper, he bought The News of the World and bought me some comic books while he read the paper.

“When I started they were all in colour. The colour and the flashy costumes excited me and was probably responsible for me going to art college and becoming a graphic designer.

“That went on for 5 years then he gave me the money and I bought the paper and bought the comics.

“My mother caught me reading The News of the World one Sunday and then we stopped buying it and then we had the Sunday Express for the next 20 years.”

Martin built up his collection through scouring newsagents and buying up second hand copies of comic books.

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He’s now trying to sell the collection after he had a heart attack in November 2014 and is looking to use the money raised to bankroll a jet-setting trip across the world.

He said: “After my father died I was living in a four bedroom detached house. I was the only person here and thought why am i living in a big empty house. In August 2014 I put it on the market, sold the stuff that was in it and moved away.

“Nine weeks after I moved I had a heart attack.

“I was in hospital and thought what am I doing with my life? I came out a week later and never bought a comic book since then, November 2014.

“I came out, decided to get rid of them and go to America and stay with relatives.

“The money that it would raise would give me a kind of gap year in the autumn of my life.”