Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

A gym buff pulled off a smooth handstand after he fell off a box.

David Hanono was exercising in his local gym in New York City, attempting a one-legged jump squat whilst holding a medicine ball.

The first rep was successful but on the second jump, David loses his footing and places too much weight on the one side of the box, causing it and himself to topple over.

But thanks to David’s quick thinking, he is able to re-adjust his balance and land on his hands, extending into a handstand instead of faceplanting the floor.

The people looking on are amazed by the unexpected stunt with the cameraman saying, ‘save of the day, meant to do it’.

David said: “I was attempting a one-legged jump squat with a medicine ball and completely screwed up almost breaking my neck.

“Somehow with a quick reaction I turned it into a perfect handstand.

“The entire gyms jaws dropped; people have been coming up to me all over my hometown asking me how I did that.”