Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the jaw-dropping moment an Indian villager chased away a lion with a STICK – after it attacked his cattle in the middle of the night.

Devsinh Vadher, 50, was sleeping in a cow shelter that he runs for 50 abandoned and sick cattle near Gir National Park in Gujarat.

At midnight, he heard a commotion.

When he stepped out of the room, Devsinh saw restless cows running amok.

A calf was in the grip of a lion that had strayed into the village in search of prey and leapt the 15-feet-wall of the shelter.

Brave Devsinh immediately hit the lion with a 5ft baton lying on the ground and opened the main gates of the shelter to let other cows run away.

The dramatic moments were captured on a CCTV camera installed at the shelter.

Devsinh said: “I have been sleeping in this shelter for the last four years.

“My house is 200 meters away but I sleep here to guard these cows. I take care of the abandoned and sick cows.

“On Tuesday night, I was sleeping in the small office in the shelter.

“Around 3:00 am I heard cows making restless sounds.

“When I stepped outside to check on them, I saw a huge lion trying to get hold of a calf.

“I couldn’t think of anything else but to save my cows.

“I immediately opened the main gate and hit the lion with a stick with all my might.

“This is when the animal left the calf and ran away, jumping out from the same wall.”

Devsinh’s village Mota Barman falls under the forest reserve of Gir National Park, home to endangered Asiatic Lions.

While the villagers are used to encountering lions every other day, it was the first time when Devsinh confronted a lion this close.

“I was barely 8-10 feet away from the beast.

“I was naturally scared to see this big animal but I couldn’t worry for my life. All I was concerned about my cows.

“I love cows, I have devoted my life for looking after them. How could I let them be attacked by a lion?

“Although the calf died, I am pleased that other cows were saved.

“I am little shaken after the incident but I am more convinced than ever to sleep in the shelter to protect my cows.”