Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

This hilarious video shows a cat casually relaxing in a baby rocker as they gradually fall into a deep sleep.

Owners, Taylor Cryder and his wife, were checking all of their baby shower gifts when they wanted to test their brand-new baby rocker; enter Juniper.

Their two-year-old moggy sat in the high-tech rocker and quickly became relaxed before eventually falling asleep in their home in Tacoma, Washington.

Taylor just sat back and watched the hilarious view of his large, fluffy cat dozing off thanks to the work of the comfortable rocker.

Taylor said: “We got the baby rocker from our baby shower, and we’re just at home putting gifts away, and I wanted to see how the rocker worked.

“But since the baby hasn’t been born yet, we needed a volunteer.

“That’s when I grabbed Juniper, put her in the rocker, and fired it up.

“She stayed in it for about 35 minutes, and we continued to laugh hysterically the entire time.”