Life Video

By Federico Cornetto

A disabled mum achieved her dream of heliskiing and the magical moment was captured in an amazing video.

Mum and motivational speaker Sarah-Jane Stazsak, from Blackheath, Australia, lost the use of her legs after sustaining an injury to her spinal cord in 2014.

A passionate skier and mountain lover, Sarah-Jane has since battled against her disability to be able to continue enjoying the thrills of the high altitudes.

She was finally able to achieve her dream of heliskiing in Valdez, Alaska, in April 2019 with her son Hamish.

Sarah-Jane said: “Skiing and the love of the Alpine environment has been in my bones since I was about 15 years old.

“Going sit-skiing not long after leaving the rehab facility post injury was something that brought me great joy.

“It made me appreciate the importance of pursuing things of passion in order to maintain a positive zest for living.

“I had been heliskiing before as an able-bodied woman and I really wanted to experience Alaska in this way.

“I particularly wanted to impress the experience on my son and forge a path of opportunity and possibilities for other people who battle disability.”