Offbeat Video

By Hannah Phillips

Do you KNEAD this hangover cure? A restaurant claims to have been serving a full English breakfast pizza for years – but it does contain your entire daily calorie limit.

A version of the classic Italian treat topped with an entire fry up made in a bar in Benidorm recently went viral, but Dough Pizza Kitchen, in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, claim it’s been on their menu for the last DECADE.

The pizza has all the essentials of a full English including sliced sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding and mushrooms on top of a classic dough topped with homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella.

But if you manage to eat the whole thing, it’ll set you back around 2,000 calories – a whole day’s allowance of calories for a woman.


Head chef at Dough, Liam McKay, 34, said as well as being enjoyed as the perfect hangover cure at the weekend, it is also popular on a Friday afternoon over a pint – and isn’t a gimmick.

And the bizarre combo is the restaurant’s best-selling creation, with more than 600 people chowing down on the breakfast-dinner mash up in the last six months alone.

Liam said: “It’s not a case of throw anything on there because it sounds weird.

“It’s got a good reputation now and it’s well thought out.


“We make everything fresh so we’re able to test our recipes.

“We’ve even experimented with and without the black pudding.”

The unusual creation is one of the restaurant’s more popular choices, having sold a whopping 600 already this year.

And Liam said reaction to the snack is usually positive, even if customers are surprised to see it on the menu.

Earlier this year, Good Times Bar and Grill, in Benidorm divided opinion when it began serving the breakfast pizza, smeared with a dollop of baked beans, two eggs, a pale tomato, two whole sausages, mushrooms and two rashers of bacon.


But Liam insisted his joint was the original inventor of the not-so-classic dish.

He said: “We like to make unusual dishes that work and find people drawn to the slightly more unusual items on our menu.

“It’s a little bit cheeky of the Benidorm bar to say they invented it if they haven’t been around for that long.

“We’ve had it on the menu since day one.”

One customer added: “It’s unique, it’s basically toppings you’d get on a pizza separately but it’s the best of both worlds.”