By Randal Coombs

A bunch of neighbourhood kids celebrated a man coming home from work so they could play kickball with him.

When Eddie Pena came home from work on June 10, he was greeted by an adorable welcoming party.

Having joined in with a game of kickball the day before, the kids who live near his home in Teaneck, New Jersey, celebrated his return the next day like a last minute home run.

Eddie’s partner Shantel Caraballo who filmed said: “Eddie just moved to that neighbourhood three weeks ago and when he first moved in he saw them play but didn’t ask until that weekend if he could join them to play

“He played about two games of nine innings and they wanted to keep going but it started getting dark out.

“The kids were literally fighting to have him on their team.

“After the game they asked him what time he usually gets home from work.

“The next day, they were all waiting for him to get home from work so he could join them.”