By Federico Cornetto

A talented body painter has recreated Pennywise the Clown’s terrifying face on a woman’s bare back.

Jordon Bourgeault, 35, from Calgary, Alberta, used an airbrush and his talent to transform his girlfriend’s sensual silhouette into the deformed face of the infamous killer clown.

Pennywise’s large and crackled forehead fit perfectly on the girl’s upper back while his evil eyes winked from her hips.

Jordon said: “I have been a professional airbrush artist for 10 years.

“Body painting is just a small part of the different types of art that I do and one that I only touch when I think I have a cool idea for a piece.

“I thought that the extra-large forehead of Pennywise would fit well in the shape of a human back.

“I think that shape and illusion mixes with just watching the movie inspired me to do this piece.”