Animals Life Video

By Mollie Mansfield

A doting owner captured the adorable moment her pooch was reunited with his soldier ‘dad’ after six months on deployment.

Staff sergeant Coty Cloud, 28, was on deployment in Al Asad, Iraq, for six months and left behind his two pooches, Athens, a six-year-old European Boxer, and Max, a 10-year-old Shih Tzu/Corgi, as well as wife, Kayla, 30.

Knowing that Athens is Coty’s very best friend, Kayla decided to record the reaction the pooch and owner had when they were finally reunited on July 17 at their home in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The touching footage shows the hound excitedly wagging his rear and continually jumping up onto the Aerospace Ground Equipment Maintainer – which Kayla says went on for over an hour after the camera was switched off.

Kayla, a surgical technologist, said: “Coty and him are inseparable so when he left he was confused for the first month.

“They play hide and seek almost everyday when Coty is home, so Athens would act as if Coty was just hiding from him at first, searching the entire house for him.

“Even the mention of “daddy” or hearing his car start when he was gone would get him so excited.


“He was acting like this for the first hour at least – he has a huge wiggly bum as soon as he gets home and it continued non-stop.

“Whenever Coty moved anywhere in the house he was right there next to him.

“When it was bed time, Coty laid down and Athens jumped up and under the cover to lay up against him – he wouldn’t leave his side!

“Athens and Coty are best friends, he was so happy which warmed my heart – my face even hurt from smiling so much.

“Even now, two days later, they are still inseparable.”