Offbeat Video

By Chanel Livesey

A consultant audiologist claims to have removed the world’s longest chunk of earwax measuring a whopping 2.5cm.

Neel Raithatha from The Hear Clinic & Clearwax in Leicestershire was stunned when he tackled the monster blockage on February 22.

Using endoscopic cup suction, Neel took hold of the wax, which was blocking the patient’s ear canal, and removed it in one whole piece.

Upon removing the chunk, Neel measured it to be 2.5cm, which is impressive as the average ear canal only measures 3cm in length.

Neel said: “Both the client and I were in complete shock.

“My reaction upon removal was ‘Wow’ and the client’s reaction when he saw the piece of ear wax himself was ‘Oh my goodness’.

“Fortunately, the eardrum was intact and healthy.”