Animals Video

By Jamie Smith

The stunning images show the friendly whale just swimming alongside a diver- who looks tiny next to her.

Mike Korostelev, a wildlife photographer from Moscow, Russia, took part on a project about and researching whales around the world, when he snapped the impressive images.

The pictures were taken in the Kingdom of Tonga, Pacific Ocean.

Mike said: “It is the best place in the world for swimming with humpback whales-mothers whales give birth here and young calves are curious as any kid.

PIV BY Mike Korostelev / CATERS NEWS

“Baby whales swim around people and play with them while mothers have rest on the bottom.

“That encounter was unusual because two big males were super curious with us.

“They researched our team very long time in the water and when we were in the boat.

“It was like an incredible contact with another civilisation.”