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By Lucy Notarantonio

First time parents have lost a combined NINE STONE after piling on the pounds whilst looking after their premature twins.

Laura, 39, and Daniel Perkins, 41, from Nottingham, spent three months eating takeaways and hospital canteen food as their newborns fought for their lives in a neonatal unit after they were born at just 28 weeks.

The twins, who were born at 28 weeks – weighed less than a bag of flour – Harper was 2lbs 1oz and Hunter was 2lb 14oz.

As their parents kept a vigil by their bedside, all their energy went into staying strong for their newborns – and they didn’t notice their waistlines expanding.

Pic By Dilantha Dissanayake / Caters News

Property developer Daniel piled on three stone – and engineer Laura she was six stone heavier than at the start of her pregnancy by the time the couple were finally able to take their twins home.

The pair decided they needed to be the best parents they could be to their new children – and set to work shedding the pounds while parenting two newborns.

Incredibly, just a year on, they’ve shed nine stone between them and the twins are both thriving.

Laura said: “It wasn’t an easy pregnancy at 26 weeks I suffered a bleed and lost over a litre of blood and was kept in hospital on bed rest for two weeks.

“During this time, Dan would just grab a McDonald’s on the way home from the hospital as it was quick and easy.

“Two days after being discharged, I was back in the hospital, Hunter and Harlow couldn’t wait any longer and came at 28 weeks three days.

Pic from Caters News

“The twins spent 60 days in the neonatal unit, we stayed by their side for the whole time and lived off food from the hospital vending machines, canteen or takeaways such as McDonald’s and Indian curries.

“When they arrived so early, we were worried sick, it was a very traumatic three months and food was our comfort.

“We weren’t thinking about our health or weight, our main priority was the twins so it wasn’t until we actually got to take them home, we realised how fat we had got.

“We decided to join The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and thanks to it being such an easy diet to follow we managed to lose weight quickly.

“With around 20 nappy changes and continuous feeds, grabbing one of their replacement meal milkshakes or ready meals was great for me and Daniel.

“We didn’t need to do any strenuous exercise to notice the results, it was amazing and our before and afters show how well it works.”

Pic from Caters News

The couple had just one round of IVF on the NHS and were delighted to discover they were expecting twins two weeks after the embryos were inserted despite the odds being just 10 per cent.

They were thrilled to be pregnant but looking after themselves had taken a back seat as they put their children first.

Laura added:”Before getting pregnant, I was 10st 4lb and when the twins came home, I was 16 stone.

“Dan’s six pack had disappeared, he stopped going to the gym whilst we were in the hospital and went from a fit 12 stone to 15.

“After three long months, our journey as a four had finally begun and we could take our perfect babies home.

Pic By Dilantha Dissanayake / Caters News

“I couldn’t stop crying with happiness, it was the best day of our lives.

“Exactly 12 weeks after their birth, we joined The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan so we could be the best parents to the twins and ourselves too.”

Now, 12 months on, their twins, Hunter and Harlow, 13 months, are thriving and have just celebrating their first birthday.

The couple are feeling healthier than ever – Laura is down five dresses weighing 11 stone and Daniel has retrieved his abs.

Laura said: “We truly owe our happiness to the diet; we believe our beautiful babies are a result of weightloss and we are now fit enough to run around after our energetic twins.”

Pic By Dilantha Dissanayake / Caters News


Breakfast – Sausage and egg mcmuffin meal
Lunch – Big mac meal or McChicken sandwich meal
Dinner – Chicken madras or Balti with rice and poppadoms
Snacks – Crisps and chocolate bars


Laura’s diet

Breakfast – Porridge
Lunch – Chicken or tuna salad
Dinner – Chicken or steak with rice or sweet potato and salad
Snacks – Crisps / chocolate

Daniel’s diet

Breakfast – Porridge with protein shake
Lunch one – Chicken salad
Lunch two – Steak salad
Dinner – Steak or chicken with one of the following: rice, sweet potato, pasta and salad
Snacks – protein bar