Life Video

By Mollie Mansfield

A stunning 6″2 model has exposed the struggle she has buying jeans in high street stores in a bid to make clothing sizes more diverse.

Aeva Andersson, 19, went into several high street stores in hopes to find a pair of jeans that fit her 36″ legs and captured the result on camera.

After trying on jeans in six different stores, Aeva’s footage shows that every pair were too short – cutting off halfway down her shin.


The model, who stands tall at 6″2, has shared the footage in hopes that it encourages the fashion industry to stock more diverse sizes – so that she doesn’t have to splash out on high-end or tailor made casuals.

Aeva, from Donegal, Ireland, said: “I took these videos to share that it’s impossible to get an affordable pair of jeans in clothes shops in my size.

“The videos show me trying on some full length skinny jeans from the ‘long’ section in high street stores – but none of them fit my 36” long legs.

“In the majority of clothes shops they have all the same length or when they have S/M/L there isn’t much of a difference in length.


“In school I wore trousers from the men’s section because I was too self-conscious having them short when everyone knew they were full length – and I don’t want to have to do this again.

“It would be nice to shop for jeans in stores and not online or tailored – I have had this problem since I was 14 years old.

“I used to never go shopping for trousers because it was a nightmare and I just got used to having my ankles out.

“I felt embarrassed when they looked so short, I certainly didn’t feel normal not fitting in the more popular sizes and this issue is still happening five years later.”


Aeva, who currently lives in Coulsdon Town, Surrey, has shared these videos in hope that high street retailers will start stocking more diverse sizes in jeans.

“Shops need to represent and have more of a variety of pants – not only for my size but for women who have the opposite problem, extra small.

“I know a few girls who shop in the children section sometimes!

“We should all feel represented and included.

“We shouldn’t have to go online to shop for our sizes.


“Recently I’ve had girls approach me who are my height and struggle – I can tell they feel uncomfortable being female and over 6 feet.

“I make sure to say stand up straight and wear them heels if you feel like it, it’s important to encourage each other and to those who hate their size whether it’s too small or too tall.

“It’s nothing to complain or feel uncomfortable about – the only downside is it’s hard to shop for clothes we like.”