Animals Video

By Neo Bye

An adorable puppy clambered over a fence to get to her foster mum before bedtime.

When Angela Norman put 13-week-old Phoebe to bed at home in Louisville, Kentucky, on June 6, she thought that would be time for goodnight.

As it was the fist night she was fostering Phoebe, clearly the Cairn terrier didn’t want to be left alone and instantly climbed up the guard.

Despite her tiny legs struggling with the height, Phoebe managed to get over on to the other side with her tail wagging proudly.

Angela, 50, said: “Yes, it was time for bed and I wanted to keep her confined to one room so I put the up the gate.

“She jumped over the gate so I put her back and she tried with all her might to jump over it again.

“Her personality is that of a feisty little go-getter who knows what she wants and is very determined to get it.

“She is tiny but can hang with the big dogs.”