Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

An urban adventurer stumbled across a spooky spaceship shaped building only to discover it housed hundreds of abandoned buses and coaches.

Looking more like a Hollywood set for an apocalyptic blockbuster as opposed to a real-world location, urban explorer and videographer “shiey” managed to discover a very surreal site.

While exploring the desolate factory in Poland, shiey discovered the 1950’s spaceship-like building wasn’t abandoned at all, but in fact was home to hundreds upon hundreds of discarded vehicles.

Pic by Cater News

Like a sea of unwanted metal, the buses were crammed into every crook and cranny.

As shiey tentatively explored the inside of the decaying vehicles, the tense atmosphere and isolated location made for the perfect backdrop for a horror movie, as at any moment it feels as though a zombie horde were about to burst through one of the bus windows.

But luckily for shiey, explored the abandoned location in eerie peace and quiet.

shiey said: “I do not know why the vehicles were there, but we picked the location to explore because a friend told me it was big and abandoned, exactly what I needed.”

Pic by Cater News