Amazing Video

By Jamie Smith

This FEARLESS base jumper bumped up his viewership by releasing this JAW DROPPING footage from his latest expedition.

The incredible selection of images and videos shows the adrenaline junkie looking as if he’s floating in the air as he enters the cave from an open gap at the top whilst also abseiling down the gaping cave.

The images were taken earlier this month in Algarve, Portugal, over a period of two weekends, and display 29-year-old ex-royal marine and thrill
seeker, Tim Howell, from Tisbury, Wilts, risking life and limb for the perfect snaps.

Pic from Tim Howell/Caters News

Tim said: “We wanted to visit this location because of the amazing rock features along the coast and wanted to experience the various base

“The coastal cliffs are relatively low for base jumping, some as low as 27 meters and others around 30 meters.

“We plan these jumps very carefully and it took me years of experience to be able to do these specific jumps correctly.

Pic from Tim Howell/Caters News

“We just kept on finding more and more amazing locations so really looking forward to returning.”

Noting his favourite image from the pack, Tim describes the intricate details that he had to plan around to eternalise specific moments from his trip.

Tim said: “The cave shot took a lot of planning with tides, lighting, wind conditions and also logistics of how to get out of cave once we were all in there!”