Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane

A movie director is giving Sharknado a run for its money by creating his own low-budget blockbusters involving animal hybrids, including two-headed sharks and Godzilla sized crocodiles.

Andrea Ricca has proved that you don’t need billions of dollars to create your own wacky monster movies.

The 45-year-old has managed to craft his very own wacky, insane and downright crazy creature features from the comfort of his own home and with minimal expense.

Andrea’s larger than life movies bring to life sharks and ginormous snakes with Scorpion tales, monstrous sized crocodiles tearing up cities and giant scorpions from space terrorising small suburban towns.

Pic by Caters News

And while Andrea’s movies may not be racking up millions of dollars at the box office, they have been gaining millions of views online.

With Andrea’s works becoming something of a cult fan-favourites in the same vein as Sharknado, Andrea could very well be this generations Edward D. Wood Jr.

Andrea said: “All my short films are shot on zero budget with a few friends, a camera and a personal computer. Then I create the special effects myself.

“Each short film requires a week of filming and three or four months to create the special effects.”

Pic by Caters News

Like most, Andrea’s love for cinema came from an early age due to iconic franchises such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Andrea said: “I became passionate about cinema because of the great creative talents of the 80’s like Spielberg and Lucas. In 1998 I started creating short films.

“My videos are something different from the classic short film concept. I consider them small films, with complete stories that I create based on the classic Hollywood narrative structure.

“My ideas come from my desire to tell stories that convey universal emotions such as wonder, fear and action.”