Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto and Niamh Shackleton

A fat cat dramatically rolled onto her back and played dead while her owner was trying to get her to walk on the treadmill to shift some pounds.

Fat girl Laila, four, laid on the machine like a sack of potatoes when owner Lee Ferinden, from Gainesville, Florida, pushed to do her daily exercise last week, June 11.

As Lee, 41, attempted to pick up Laila by her chunky flanks and bring her up on her paws, the gigantic feline fell on her back and pretended to be dead.

Lee could do nothing but stroke the cat’s huge belly as she laid still with her paws up in the air.

Lee said: “Laila was a normal-sized kitten until after we moved here to Gainesville and she was spayed.

“She started gaining weight rapidly and stopped jumping on things.

“More than a year full of vet trips and tests, we were struggling to figure out how she could be gaining a pound a month on a strict diet.

“We have had every test you can think of and nothing is medically wrong with her.

“Finally we began exercising her, she’s on a strict diet and walks with her dad once a day.

“She also goes to Fat Camp on Wednesdays at the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine.”